10 remaining teeth in poor repair

An active 65-year-old man under your care has known acquired valvular aortic stenosis and mitral regurgitation. He also has a history of infectious endocarditis. He has recently been told he needs elective replacement of his aortic valve. When he comes into the office you discover that he has 10 remaining teeth in poor repair. Your recommendation would be to:

defer any further dental work until his valve replacement is completed

instruct him to have dental extraction done cautiously, having no more than 2 teeth per visit removed.

suggest he consult with his oral surgeon about having all the teeth removed at once and receiving appropriate antibiotic prophylaxis

coordinate with his cardiac and oral surgeons to have the tooth extractions and valve replacement done at the same time to reduce the risk of anesthetic complications. key-features-of-the-apa-essay-format

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