1.What are the macromolecules? What are the building blocks of each


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2. Where in the bacterial cell is each macromolecule found?

3. What is an infectious dose of a bacterial?

4.If bacterial colonies are on a plate and can be counted what is the formula

to determine the number of bacteria in the original sample?

5. What is the purpose of streak plating?

6. If there is an isolated colony what can be done to make an identification of

that bacteria?

7. What is the difference between a negative staining technique and a positive

staining technique?

8. Give an example of a negative staining technique.

9. Give an example of a positive staining technique

10. Why must a slide be heat-fixed?

11. What does the heat-fix step do to the bacteria?

12. What information comes from a gram stain?

a. How does this technique highlight differences in gram + and gram –


b. What does alcohol do to the gram negative bacteria?

c. Why do the gram positive bacteria stain purple?

d. Why do gram negative bacteria stain red?

13. What information comes from a mobility assay?

14. What structure must a bacteria have to be motile?

a. Why is a flagella considered a virulence factor?

15. What information comes from a capsule stain?

a. Why is a capsule considered a virulence factor?

b. What part of the bacteria is the capsule?

16. Write the correct scientific name for a pathogen that cause diarrhea that is

a bacteria, one that is a virus and one that is a eukaryotic organism.

17. There are procedures that sterilize, there are procedures that disinfect, and

there are antiseptic procedures. Name one of each that has been dicussed