For the Spine / thorax

Critical Thinking Homework

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Due: Week 7Points: 50

Prepare a two page report analyzing the relationships between muscular skeletal structures, their movements and possible pathologies. Use the following questions to guide your writing:

  1. Describe the muscle group/ body region that was presented in the class. Include the muscles/group name  and discuss attachment sites including joints and notable bony landmarks
  2. Describe agonist, antagonist, and synergist in the muscle group or region include the normal range of motion for the muscles/region.
  3. Compare and contrast isotonic, isometric, eccentric and concentric contractions in regards to the muscle group(s) or region.
  4. Discussion of the nerve innervation and dermatomes
  5. Discusses daily activities that use the specific muscle/group or region.
  6. Discuss what type of pathologies might present within this area of the body? Think about how would assessment of the client change when pathologies are present?
  7. Discuss what kind of modalities would be used on the client when pathologies are present? Include contraindications/indications.

Feel free to discover and explore other topics that relate to the core questions. Reports must be typed and in APA format including: Title Page, 12pt. Font New Times Roman, 1 Inch Margins, Double Spaced, and Reference Page.

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