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NUR 267

Spring 2017

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Staffing/Charge Nurse Discussion Board


In the discussion board on D2L, you will discuss the staffing pattern on the unit where you are completing your preceptorship.  You will also discuss the role of the charge nurse, and how the charge nurse functions on this unit.

For you initial post, you should identify the staffing patterns on the unit where you are completing your preceptorship, including staff to patient ratio – consider licensed & unlicensed personnel.  What are the responsibilities of each of these staff members in regards to patient care?  Do you feel like this staffing pattern allows for safe, quality care – use at least one source to back-up your opinion.  

Describe the role of charge nurse.  How effective was the nurse in completing charge responsibilities?  Does the charge nurse on your unit also have patient assignments?  Do you think this factor influenced the ability of the nurse to effectively perform charge nurse associated duties – Why?  Why not?  How?  

You will also be required to respond to the initial post of at least 2 members of your group.  You should consider similarities/differences between what you experienced & what your group members report, and any other thoughts you might have on the subject.  Responses should be appropriate & respectful.  Responses must contain substance.  “I agree with you” is not a complete response – you may agree, but you must elaborate.  Responses should be thoughtful & reflective.


Your initial posting is due by Monday, April 10th at midnight.

Both responses should be posted by Friday, April 14th at midnight.

You will not be able to see anyone else’s initial response until you first post your own.

NUR 267

Staffing/Charge Nurse Discussion Board Rubric

24/24 = 100

23/24 = 95.83

22/24 = 91.67

21/24 = 87.50

20/24 = 83.33

19/24 = 79.17


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