Application and Interpretation of Public Health Data

Topic: Coding Qualitative DataThe purpose of this assignment  is to practice interpreting qualitative interview transcripts by  recognizing patterns. This is called coding and it is an important skillset for public health professionals.For  this assignment, code the “Interview Transcript” document. Use the  “Coding Qualitative Data Worksheet” to document your results from the  “Interview Transcript” and to provide a summary of your findings. ATTACHEDAPA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.Read “Comparison Between Qualitative Research and Quantitative Research,” in Chapter 6 and read Chapter 8 in GCU Doctoral Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Research Concepts.This textbook references an assigned dissertation. You are not required to complete a dissertation for this course. URL: “A Review of Qualitative Data Analysis Practices in Health Education and Health Behavior Research,” by Raskind et al., from Health Education and Behavior (2019), available as authors manuscript from PubMed Central (PMC), located on the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website. URL: “Quantitative and Qualitative Methods for Public Health,” from PH717 Module 1B – Descriptive Tools: Descriptive Epidemiology and Descriptive Statistics, located on the Boston University Medical Campus, School of Public Health website (2019). URL: “Lessons Learned in Promoting Evidence-Based Public Health: Perspectives From Managers in State Public Health Departments,” by Allen et al., from Journal of Community Health (2018). URL: “Section 15: Qualitative Methods to Assess Community Issues,” from “Chapter 3: Assessing Community Needs and Resources,” of the Community Assessment toolkit, located on the Community Tool Box website. URL: “Focus Groups Inform a Mobile Health Intervention to Promote Adherence to a Mediterranean Diet and Engagement in Physical Activity Among People Living With HIV,” by Henry, Quintana, Moore, Garcia, and Montoya, from BMC Public Health (2019). URL:

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