Applied Usability

What to do

Identify a physical or computer layout problem – for example, have you ever noticed the mute button on some video conferencing services – they suck?  What about the doors to the coolers are Sheetz (this is a regional convenience store)

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READ the assigned chapters from Norman and Shneiderman for the week, propose a solution to the problem you have identified.

Use programming frameworks, mock-up tools, hand drawings, and/or other methods to construct a solution to the identified problem.

There are several other great tools out therefor prototyping

What to turn in

Create a presentation (with voice), or a paper, or a video (via VidGrid) detailing the following:

  • A short reflection/discussion about what inspired you from the book. Be specific and list page numbers from the book, and a short summary of the points from the readings.  Talk about how you have reflected on this portion of the readings and any other readings or experiences which may have influenced your decision.  Use specific pages, tables, figures, and graphs.
  • A summary of the identified problem with appropriate video or screen captures (required). What is the issue, what from the book or other readings clearly makes this a usability issue?  Again, talk about how the readings, eternal readings, and experiences may have influenced you to solve this specific problem.  Is there something in the physical world that inspired your example?
  • Discuss, show, and/or demonstrate your solution. I encourage you to do a side-by-side of the problem and the solution to show the change.  Give details and use usability terminology from the book and other readings to demonstrate your understanding of the importance of usability.
  • Talk about the tools you used to solve the problem.
  • Reflect this exercise, and then discuss how you have grown through this exercise.

NOTE: You must use citations whenever appropriate.  I encourage you to seek external examples and do additional reading on the topic.

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