Chapter 3 Application Exercise 1Visit the DME coding system (DMECS) website at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Review the DMECS guideExplain the purpose of the DMECS, its uses, and usersInclude the results of searching on replacement socket and HCPCS code L8000Chapter 4 Application Exercise 1Access the NDC-HCPCS crosswalkLocate the HCPCS code J2997Identify the NDC codes for J2997Find the NDC Label for Cathflo activase. Search the Internet for the official site for this drug. Locate the billing FAQsAnswer the following questionsIs the configuration of the NDC codes HIPAA compliant? Why or why not?How can the same HCPCS code have different NDC codes?What NDC code is provided in the FAQs?Assignment GuidelinesYou have the choice to write a two-page paper double spaced or create a multimedia presentation to respond to the exercisesClearly label your response to each exercise in your submission

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