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How does the nurse manager or leader play a role in the reengineering of health care?

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Reengineering could also mean reorganization or redesigning. Reengineering in healthcare system is done to improve the quality of care delivered to the patients and family members. (Science Life, 2015) The goal of this process is to give the healthcare teams a clearer insight of what the patient and family members want, to improve the quality and safety of the patients, and raise their satisfaction level. (Science Life, 2015) Nurses are in frontline delivering services, they play a very important role in patients’ care; nursing leaders and managers have the responsibility to enhance communication to ensure a smooth transition.

Every nurse leader and manager must be able to recognize the need for a change in the unit where they work, (Edens, 2005) because the first step in the process of implementation of change is to recognize the need for a change or regrouping.

Nurse leaders coordinate the care given to the patients, by collaborating with interdisciplinary teams. They identify risk-analysis strategies and resources needed to ensure a safe and more effective care provided to the patients. Nursing managers relies on patient-centered, evidenced -based practice and performance data, to enhance the quality of care provided, which is the purpose of reengineering. (RWJF, 2009), because patient outcome is the center of reorganization.

Nurse leaders define the way care is provided, and they function as mentors and educators to the nurses. They help to inform and train nurses on the new policy and procedures of the organization

Nurse managers and leaders act as middle-person between the nurses and the organization. Nurse managers relay the concerns and needs of nurses to the organization for solution. Staff nurses could also benefit from change; therefore, nurse mangers could advocate for the nurses to ensure harmony.


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