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First I would need to find evidence-based research that supported my idea and the need for practice change. Ultimately supporting how this would improve patient care (Huber, 2014). Selling an idea to higher upper management can be intimidating and difficult but not impossible. The key to selling an idea is effectively communicating and making your statement clear, simple, and quick. To sell the idea the presenter must be creative and find common ground that can help relay the message across. The idea must first be presented in an informal manner to see what feedback can be attained before the formal presentation. This type of technique can help the presenter anticipate some questions that might come up when formally selling the idea to upper management. The formal presentation should consist of a power point and handout.

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Lab Manager suggests the following when selling an idea to upper management (Lab Manager, 2010).

1. Summarize the idea

2. Define the need for the idea. What problem will it solve?

3. Explain how the idea will make money for the company. Are there other benefits as well?

4. Define the resources needed. What will be needed to develop and commercialize the idea? How much money will it cost? How much time will it take?

5. Request a commitment. Following up on your presentation may be required to get a definite, timely decision on whether it will be funded.


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