Do you think the trends described are beneficial or harmful to society

Respond: Do you think the trends described are beneficial or harmful to society ?

How can we use technology and legislation to prevent workplace discrimination?

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To help prevent workplace discrimination from the start, at the application stage, we can use technology and legislation to mandate the use of anonymous C.V. or resume submission. “A procedural rule mandating an anonymous application process offers a good balance between an employee’s right to private life before hiring and the prerogative of the employer to freely select employees” (Katsabian, 2019).  We can also use technology and legislation to prevent workplace discrimination by making sure that our electronic application is only asking for job relevant data and is complainant with legislation such as the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act.

How should the HR professional approach privacy issues in the workplace?

An HR professional should work with leadership to develop clear expectations and policies for privacy issues.  For example, an e-mail policy for e-mails sent from employer work devices.  It is important that these are clear for both the employees and leadership and to provide regular training to maintain awareness.  An HR should also help leadership think “about the implications of having and storing electronic data about your workers” (Schifter, 2019), such as a data breach.

Why are clear expectations important?

Clear expectation allows for individuals to “adjust their behavior in the workplace and outside of it, online and offline” (Katsabian, 2019) before as issue arises.  It also gives leadership direction on how to consistently handle violations and to know what employee information is protected. “Organizations have legitimate reasons for wanting to keep tabs on employee data, but employees also want some measure of protection from prying eyes. Evolving expectations on both sides are changing where employees, and their employers, draw the line” (Sheth, Wasti, & Smith, 2016).  By having clear expectations applicants can decide if they are willing to work with in a company’s privacy expectations or if they would prefer to work for a different organization that aligns better with their personal expectations.

What added considerations might HR have in the health care field?

HR will also need to make sure that HIPPA is considered in their privacy policies.

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