general check-up vocational nurse do

What are the general check-up does vocational nurse have to do?
General observation that vocational nurse have to do are

  • Check for the vital sign in a patient, including apical pulse

  • Height and Weight

  • General appearance of skin and nails

  • Hair masses and swelling of the scalp

  • Pupil size, shape, symmetry and reaction to light

  • Analysis of the lips appearance like color, ulceration, moisture, etc.

  • Check inside the mouth like bleeding gums, dental caries, cracked or chipped teeth

  • General appearance of the mouth and color of the sclera

  • Abdominal tenderness or see for bowel sounds

  • Curvature of the spine, posture, gait or motion problems

  • Deformities and joint injuries

  • Peripheral pulses

  • Edema and involuntary muscular movements BUY 100% CUSTOM ESSAY EFFICIENTLY EXCELLENT 100% CUSTOM ESSAY WRITING SERVICE 

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