.Go to the site http://www.cdc.gov/features/datastatistics.htmland review the data displayed by the links on the page (review the yearly data under each tab). Select one of the topics from 2016, 2017,


Go to the site http://www.cdc.gov/features/datastatistics.htmland review the data displayed by the links on the page (review the yearly data under each tab). Select one of the topics from 2016, 2017, or 2018. Based on what you have learned about health literacy, comment on how the data is presented for one of these topics. Did it increase your understanding of the topic? Why or why not? For example, was it easy to understand? What additional information (if any) would an individual need to fully understand the topic? What other data presentation methods would be effective in communicating this topic to the public?

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Be on the lookout for when people use the term creative or creativity, and see if they are holding on to any of the nonproductive conceptions of creativity.  Explain your findings.  Then think about a time or place in which you felt particularly creative. List the characteristics of that occasion—what supported your creativity?

Discuss the importance of health literacy and the role of charts, graphs, and lists in communicating important public health information.  

You are a public health worker who has developed a program to address our nation’s number one cause of mortality (cardiovascular disease [CVD]). The program focuses on three main risk factors: nutrition, physical activity, and tobacco use. The community you are working with is low-income, low-education, multicultural, and the aforementioned risk factors are prevalent throughout. 

This discussion has two parts:

  • Pick one CVD risk factor and describe your first step to engage the community in your program.
  • Identify and discuss at least 2 different methods to reach an intended audience. Provide examples of the method in use.

Discuss why Sub-Competency 7.2.1 is important in communicating and advocating for health and health education. If needed provide examples to clarify your viewpoints. 

We explored different ways of influencing policymakers through a number of forms of letter writing in this course. For this discussion, you will explore other ways of working with campaigns. As a health advocate, it is important to assist candidates who support your issues to help bring about the desired change. There are a number of different ways you can help contribute during the process. Address the following in your discussions:

  1. How can you assist a campaign with a similar health agenda as your own? Provide examples as part of your discussion.
  2. What responsibility(s) AND what competency(s) of a Health Education Specialist does assisting a campaign fall under? Explain your choices.


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