This week, you will submit your presentation using the Kaltura recording tool within Blackboard. See the Getting Started with Kaltura link listed under the Resources area in your course menu to learn how to use this tool. Your presentation must include both audio and visual components and be professional in nature.

You will submit your final presentation here for grading, and you will submit it to the discussion board this week as a draft for your peers to review and as a final product to share.  See the discussion board for details.

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1. Choose a topic below. 

·         Taken from the assigned reading in Butts chapter 12, page 401, “Ethical Reflection: Typical Unethical or Illegal Behaviors in Organizations”.

I sent you a file for this part. ****

2. Create a presentation of 13 slides WITH NOTES or screens excluding the title and references.

·         Your slides/screen should include titles, main ideas, bullet points, and relevant images, charts, graphs, etc.  

3. In your presentation:

·         Describe an ethical situation, based on the chosen topic, that can get in the nurse’s way of practicing ethically. Describe the situation clearly and concisely.

·         Identify how this situation relates to one provision within the Code of Ethics for Nurses.

·         Identify two ethical principles that may arise when facing this situation.

·         Discuss how a nurse might lessen the impact of the situation on the nurse’s practice.

·         In addition to the course texts, cite and reference a minimum of two (2) additional scholarly sources to support your work.

·         Close with a summary of your topic, and APA formatted reference slide(s).


The introduction is attention getting and lays out the topic well. It establishes a strong framework for the rest of the presentation. The conclusion is comprehensive and compelling. Presentation contains accurate and complete information. Ideas, facts, and information provided demonstrate a strong, confident, understanding of the material.

Information is presented in a clear, logical order with an apparent beginning, middle, and end. The speaker introduces the topic, identifies the topic skillfully.

Use of visual aids/ images is appropriate. Slides are easy to read, interesting, and relevant to the content. All main ideas are presented succinctly. Contains the required number of slides.

The assignment consistently follows current APA format and is free from errors in formatting, citation, and references. No grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. All sources are cited and referenced correctly.

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