IOP 460: Organizational Cultures, Discussion Response (2)

Post a substantive response to peer

Further discussion: My peer talked about telecommunting work and this is the standard practice right now for many employers and will likely be for sometime. It is nice to have this option but for some it is not an option and this presents challenges such as what to do with children, fear of working during the pandemic, etc. What are other alternatives that may be able to help with challenges such as childcare issues?

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175+ word count

At least 1 APA reference


Wade Ferry


Many factors that limits a person ability to accomplish work.  Just thinking back in my previous year of work I have had to spend time away for various reasons.  Those reasons include medical appointments, family matters, or time to separate myself from my work as an absence.  Many employees have adopted systems to give employees time off to handle matters.  This can be sick leave or paid leave.  Usually sick leave is given and requires a doctors note where paid leave is earned and varies per employer.  I am in the USAF and the military offers 30 days paid leave per year.  It can be take all at once or separated.  In the military you are able to carry over up to sixty days per fiscal year. Great Perks!

These are not the only ways employers have created an environment to give employees the ability to reduce stress. Consider a situation where a single parent was working full time and the child was in day care.  COVID-19 happens and daycare is unavailable.  How can the employer flex and create an environment that can allow the single parent to accomplish all or some work?  Teleworking is a great option.  This allows employees to contribute to the organization in an ability suitable to the employee.  Outside of COVID-19 the employer could also offer free or reduced cost child care.  They may also offer part time employment when required to allow employees to handle personal business.

Luckily when COVID-19 happened my organization moved to telework when applicable and allowed for a reduced work load when required to go into the office.  My organization has also moved to consolidated work hours.  We are allowed to work 4/10’s to 3/12’s.  Teleworking and flexible works hours are some of the ways employers are able to retain their employees (Branine, 2011).


Branine, M. (2011). Managing across cultures: Concepts, policies and practices. Los Angeles, CA: Sage. ISBN: 9781849207294

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