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Final Presentation

For the final assessment in this course you will be required to prepare a presentation that provides a comprehensive assessment of either a non-profit or a government organization. Your presentation should assess the following elements of the organization:

  1. A description of how the organization is structured and how it functions. Analyze how this might be different than the type of organization not chosen.
  2. An assessment of the purpose of the organization.
  3. An assessment of how the organization is managed, led and governed.
  4. An assessment of how the organization is both similar and different than the type of organization not chosen.
  5. An assessment of how the organizations relationships with other nonprofit and government organizations.
  6. A description of the social and fiscal policies impacting the organization and an analysis of how they impact the organization.

Your presentation should be a minimum of 12-14 slides and should include either a detailed narration document referring to the sources used to support your assessment or detailed notes in PowerPoint with in-text citations. Each slide must have from 150 to 300 words in the narration or notes, excluding the title and reference slides.

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Your presentation should cite and incorporate at least 5 sources from the scholarly sources. It should also include an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement. Additionally, your presentation must accommodate the following requirements:

  1. Include an introductory slide
  2. Clearly demonstrate critical thinking
  3. Use at least 6-8 scholarly sources
  4. Document all sources in APA style
  5. Include a reference  list slide in APA format

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