Labeling Theory

For this project, you will be choosing any topic presented in your textbook and create a teaching powerpoint presentation. This presentation should be no less than ten slides excluding the title and reference page and should be in proper APA format. The premise of this assignment is that one should be able to teach the subject matter that you have chosen using your power point; you should use outside research to include additional material and any real world examples to support your subject matter.

Your grade will depend upon the presention of your analysis and research, the quality of the work presented; whether you give a detailed presentation or a vague overview. You will also be graded on your APA format and have at least five resources for your research.

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Please make sure you review your presentation for spelling, grammar, formatting and plagiarism errors before submitting it. Your presentation should be submitted as an attachment and will not receive a grade until it is properly submitted. If you cannot submit your assignment for some reason in Blackboard, then you may email it as an attachment to your professor.

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