legal guidelines CNA must be aware of

What are legal guidelines CNA must be aware of?
Laws are passed by local, state and federal governments. When CNA disobey a law, he is liable for fines, loss of certification and/or imprisonment. To avoid legal issues, CNA must avoid following things,

  • Knowing and staying within their state’s scope of practice rules.

  • Seek the advice of your supervisor if you’re asked to do tasks you have not been trained to do

  • Carry out procedures and tasks only the way you are trained or taught. Do not go after any experiments.

  • Keep yourself up to date with your skills, education, and in-service requirements

  • In questionable situations, seek the advice of your supervisor.

  • Understand your assignment and role very well

  • Do not harm patients

  • Know your facility policies and standard guidelines BUY 100% CUSTOM ESSAY EFFICIENTLY Best Essay – 1st guarantee to save time and money 

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