Middle-range theories in nursing

Middle-range theories in nursing fall between the practice and grand theories. They include fewer ideas and a narrower aspect of reality. That means they are defined to be operationalized since they can be tested empirically. The following two articles show how middle-range theory concepts are operationalized and be legible for measurement.

Jaarsma et al. (2017) wrote an article that reviewed the literature on various factors that impact self-care of chronic diseases according to middle-range theory. According to middle theory, this review identified the following factors as part of self-care that affect care for chronic diseases. They are habits, beliefs and values, confidence, access to care, cognitive and functional abilities, motivation, experiences, and skills. The article has explored these factors one by one with empirical and statical analysis to show their measurements and how they influence patients with heart failure diseases.

Middle-range theory in hypertension nursing was developed to improve the patients’ nursing and design research for hypertension management (Drevenhorn, 2018). According to Drevenhorn (2018), a middle-range theory was developed to meet the above objective using former literature. Various concepts concerning patients were presented. They include willingness to change their lifestyle, self-efficacy, locus of control, hardiness, sense of coherence, vulnerability level, and beliefs concerning sickness and health. These concepts were developed, defined in the study, and were part of the nursing system, which plays a crucial part in examining patients’ needs. Their incorporation into self-care means that they can help develop new behaviors through the nurse’s care. The nurse manages to help them use the patient’s factors developed through middle-range theory to planning the right interventions.


Drevenhorn, E. (2018). A proposed middle-range theory of nursing in hypertension care. International journal of hypertension2018.

Jaarsma, T., Cameron, J., Riegel, B., & Stromberg, A. (2017). Factors related to self-care in heart failure patients according to the middle-range theory of self-care of chronic illness: a literature update. Current heart failure reports14(2), 71-77. GET A GENUINE 100 % CUSTOM TERM PAPER BUY A NEW 100% ORIGINAL COLLEGE PAPER EFFICIENTLY  DO MY PAPER AND GUARANTEE 5 STARS QUALITY

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