Assignment:Read these following 2  attached instructions:Barrier Data Visualization &Barriers Data AnalysisFollow the instructions  to create assignments 1 to 12 by using the attached Barriers Codebook (Student). Xlsx as your templateTake screenshots of all the 12 and put in your portfolio.Note: Submit the main graphs/charts in addition to the screenshots1. “Summary Yrs_RN” worksheet2.  “Summary Tot_Scores” worksheet3. “Summary Demographic” worksheet4. “Summary Responses” worksheet5. “Pivot Table Education Level by Work Setting”6. “Pivot Table Age Group by Race”7. “Bar Chart on the Mode” on all questions on the “Barriers Survey”8. “Pie Chart of Age Group”9. “Sunburst Chart” of Sex10. “Column Chart” of Education Level11. “Funnel Chart” of Race12. “Treemap Chart” of Work Setting

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