Nursing Leadership #2

Case Study, Learning Unit 4: Quality ImprovementThe nursing director has asked you to form a team for quality control that addresses the issue of extended stay of patients who have been noncompliant with their diabetic protocol. These patients are staying an extra 72 hours in the acute care facility and usually have repeated admissions.Related question #1Based on what you know about the need for continuous quality control, who would you select to be part of this team?Related question #2What data should you ask your team to collect?Related question #3What could your team member produce that would assist in assessing the situation?Unfolding Case Study, Learning Unit 4: Quality Improvement(Based on case in Module 4.1)Part ISylvia has recently received complaints from her nursing staff that cancer patients are waiting up to 2 hours to begin their chemotherapy IV regime. Some of the oncologists often leave out important details when ordering the chemotherapy agents, and therefore, the pharmacy must contact the oncologists to get further instructions. If the order is incomplete, oftentimes it is not brought to the nurses’ attention until the patient has been waiting. At times, the oncologist cannot be contacted or located, which is adding to the frustration of the staff and patients.Related question #1What can Sylvia do to improve this process?Part IISylvia asks the pharmacy and oncologist to appoint a team member that would serve on the task force to develop a process that would decrease the delay in chemotherapy treatments. The team meets and creates a sample checklist. The checklist is approved by all team members, and Sylvia decides it is time to incorporate the checklist in the process.Related question #2What steps should Sylvia take to assess the effectiveness of the new protocol?Part IIISylvia writes a report summarizing her findings of the audit she conducted on patient satisfaction, waiting time, and time of filling orders to time of administration of the chemotherapy.Related question #3According to quality improvement guidelines, what is the logical next step for Sylvia?

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