Nursing Research and Evidence based practice

Nursing Research & Evidence Based Practice – Week #1 Assignment Finding a Problem Decide on a problem that: • Interests you • Has sufficient research and knowledge to provide evidence-based actions • Is broad enough to have an impact on the nursing profession • Is narrow enough to actually be designed, implemented, completed, and evaluated during this program • Will be approved by your place of employment • Relates to your Major Master Track (Management and Leadership, Education, Case Management, or Informatics) As you began the program you were asked to identify a problem you would consider for your capstone project. You were also asked to contact the track leader to discuss your problem. Having completed that assignment, you are now being asked to begin writing your capstone proposal which will once again be sent to your track leader for input on the appropriateness of your project.Utilize your track specific Capstone Template (found under Course Resources>Capstone Templates) to develop a draft of Chapter 1 to include the introduction pages and the following subheadings in Chapter one: Introduction, Background, Statement of the Purpose and Problem. This draft must be in APA format, with a minimum of 5 references. This assignment will not carry a grade but needs to be turned in for feedback prior to completing your Week 2 Assignment (drafting the remainder of Chapter 1). By the end of this class the expectation is that you will have a minimum of 20 relevant references (to include these initial 5) for Chapter 2: The Literature Review. When you write Chapter 2 you will be expected to add an additional ten; however, if you have already collected and reviewed all 20 of the required research articles, you can include them in your draft of Chapter 2, which you will submit in week three.(CHOSEN TOPIC- ADDRESSING WORKPLACE BULLYING IN NURSING PROFESSION.)

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