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How to Facilitate Self-Transcendence

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Depression and anxiety are conditions that are experienced by people when are stressed or they have lost their job, loved one, lonely, and many other conditions. The person feel unmotivated or hopeless which can last for a short period of time or may prolong as long as the stressor is not solved. The feelings interfere with the normal daily activities of the victim where the person can fail to go to job, take care of the family or even separate him/herself from friends. For example, the death of Mrs. Richard’s husband and two children made her to experience a lot of depression and anxiety. This woman must be helped to cope with this situation by giving her counselling and advices that can make her to forget the condition and move on with life (Reed, 2014). 

Mrs. Richards must be advised and helped to accept the situation the way it is, this helps her to gain self-transcendence. Therefore, self-transcendence can be facilitated by encouraging both physical and spiritual progress to her personal life. This will automatically help her to exceed her previous life and extend to new capacities in order to forget her children and husband. Physical self-transcendence is normally improved by physical achievements but not competing with others.

Mrs. Richards will be able to experience the beauty of transcendence by just competing with herself by improving her physical life like training and furthering her education (KD & Amer, 2007).  In addition, Mrs. Richards can be helped to improve her spiritual self-transcendence by trying to make her think beyond her limits which will automatically expand her consciousness. This can be achieved by encouraging her practice spiritual traditions and yoga; this will make her to experience universal self. Therefore, the two measures above can help a lot to facilitate self-transcendence that will make Mrs. Richards to progress her personal life after forgetting the death of her family. 


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