You will choose 1 article from a peer reviewed journal related to a topic that aligns with the course objectives. Please review the posted link in the project tab on Blackboard to determine where to locate peer reviewed journal articles.  You may want to avoid systematic reviews, literature reviews, meta-analyses or qualitative studies as these will not lend well to the critique process. 

You will critically review 1 peer reviewed article related to nutrition.

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Critique Instructions:

Address all points clearly and concisely to stay within the page limit.   When submitting this you will also need to attach the original article that you are reviewing.   Use the drop off link to attach both files. 

At minimum your critique should address these elements:

0.5 pt – APA citation of article

Section 1 – Elements influencing the believability of the research:

0.5 pt – Writing Style – describe the writing style

0.5 pt – Author(s), credibility of the author(s)

0.5 pt – Report title – does the title match the report? length? attracting?

1.5 pts – Abstract – does the abstract summarize the research question, methods, data analysis, results and conclusion?

Section 2 – Elements influencing the robustness of the research:

2.5 pts – Purpose/research problem – What is the research problem or research hypothesis?  Is the problem clearly identified? Is the significance of the problem noted and described?  Does the paper clarify the aim of the study?  Is there a clear link between the conceptual theory and the research question? Is the study practical?  

1 pts – Logical consistency – is there good flow? Organization? Are ideas presented clearly and well defined? 

2.5 pts – Literature review – Describe the review of the literature.   Are the references up to date? How is the literature organized?  Do previous studies lead toward the study or research question? Is the rationale and direction for the study indicated in the lit review? 

1.5 pts – Theoretical Framework – Are any models, theories, constructs used or presented in the development of the framework for this study? Is it logical?  

1.5 pts – Aims/objectives – are the aims of the study well established? Does this align with the theoretical framework?

2 pts – Sample – who, sample size, exclusion criteria, inclusion criteria, generalizability to the population

2 pts – Ethical Consideration – does the study describe ethical concerns? IRB approval, steps described?

1 pts – Operational Definitions – are new terms, definitions clearly defined in a logical manner for the reader?

3 pts – Methodology – what were the methods? Can you reproduce this study? Are there any concerns with the methods? 

2 pts – Data analysis/results – describe the data analysis procedures and results – were any results significant?

2 pts – Discussion/Conclusion – does the discussion add to the topic and the results section? Does this include implications for further research? Does the conclusion discuss limitations of the study? 

0.5 pt – References – were references up to date, from credible source 

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