OPEN meeting for Alcoholics Anonymous

Table of Contents

12-Step Group Observation Paper

Each student will attend an OPEN meeting for Alcoholics Anonymous or another 12-Step Program. Examples of 12 Step programs are:

Alcoholic Anonymous, Emotions Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Over-Eaters Anonymous, Al-anon, Double Trouble, etc. These are examples but there are many others which are available online.

Criteria for Written assignment-

1. After attending the meeting, prepare a written paper, no more than 1-2 pages for the body, following APA guidelines typed with at least 1 current referenceThe source is a peer-reviewed journal article or scholarly book no more than 5 years old. Cites all data obtained from other sources. The reference page includes the sources in APA format.

2. The main body of the paper should address all areas to meet the requirements of the assignment.

a. Your objective impression of the program or group in meeting the client’s needs and your rational. In your opinion, was the group leadership style, norms, etc. effective?

b. Includes at least two of Yalom’s 11 Curative Factors with specific examples of each observed in the self-help meeting. See Yalom’s Curative Factors on BB.

Official names of the programs or groups you observed.

a. When and where did you go to the meeting? Be specific- Include meeting time, location, population attending (gender, age, and diversity) and description of physical setting. Includes how attendees were greeted and if there was a leader/speaker/peer led, and what kind of support (verbal & non-verbal) attendees received.

3. Brief history of the self-help program that you attended. MUST CITE SOURCE- you obtained this information from somewhere.

4. What were your personal reactions to meeting and how it felt being there? Indicates how attending the group influenced belief/value system about the disease/disorder and its treatment. GET A GENUINE 100 % CUSTOM TERM PAPER WRITE MY ESSAY TODAY AT LESS THAN $15 AND BEST QUALITY 

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