Outlining an Introductory Speech

Review the information involved in planning a speech.The main steps involved in preparing any type of speech include the following:·       Choose the Right Topic·       Narrow Your Topic·       Locate Supporting Material·       Structure Your Speech·       Prepare an Outline·       Practice·       Deliver Your SpeechStep 2 Prepare an introduction speech.In a one-page outline, see attached format, consider the following as you prepare your speech:·       Brainstorm what your fellow classmates might find interesting about you for this introduction speech. Consider family history, stories about your childhood, significant life events, or your accomplishments.·       Narrow your ideas down to a specific topic, theme, or anecdote.List the specific topic or title for your speech.·       When locating supporting materials for your introduction speech, think about any visual aids that may support your delivery.·       Remember to think about how you will open and close your introduction speech. Include those notes in your outline.Step 3 Complete an outline using the outline format attached.  Save and submit your assignment.

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