part of becoming a critical care nurse

What is the most exciting part of becoming a critical care nurse?
The most exciting part of becoming a critical care nurse is knowing that you are the critical patients last line of defense. You are among the most educated and experienced nurses in the hospital and are looked upon as a resource person by other nurses. I have been a night shift nurse for the majority of my 18 years and on those nights it is just you and your critical patient. The patient and their family is relying on you, the Critical Care Nurse, to make sure that they are safe and receiving the best care possible. The doctors are at home sleeping and if its 2 am and you have a critical issue with a patient, it is up to you to make the call to the doctor and paint your picture of the situation at hand. It is the critical care nurse that can persuade the doctor for orders that they feel they need to keep their patient stable and safe. How you paint the picture of your patient to the doctor can mean life or death at times. Confidence in your assessment skills and your communication with the doctor is of the utmost importance to your patient. It is an exciting area of practice that demands continuing education so that you can anticipate and intervene for your patient to achieve successful outcomes WRITE MY ESSAY TODAY AT LESS THAN $15 AND BEST QUALITY  GET NUMBER 1 COLLEGE ESSAY FAST TODAY

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