Peer Response

Thank you for offering this weeks alternate posting opportunity. I personally am really struggling right now. I feel like I have bitten off more that I can chew and that I am juggling competing priorities minute to minute. I work full time as an educator for ICU and I lead all the post-graduate ICU training across 12 hospitals as well as virtually across five states. I also have a second job as part-time faculty for a state university, and my cohort of students this terms are primarily working night shift. I do not need to spend the entire shift with the students, but I am expected to meet with each of them and their preceptors during their shift to check their progress. I have four teenagers and an elderly mother-in-law at home.The combination of working all day and then visiting students during the night shift and at weekends has made finding time for school work very challenging. I changed by project plan last week following advice from my project navigator and although I agree that the new plan will ultimately be better, I feel that I am starting from scratch. All the evidence that I have previously studied at length is now invalid. I have no work to repurpose. I typically am very proactive with my preparation of postings and projects and get a lot of work planned during preview week, so now I feel that I am drowning. I look at my schedule and see how heavily booked I am with classes, meetings, and student visits and I am not sure how how I am going to manage all my commitments.Thank you again for the alternate posting opportunity, and I apologize for the venting. I will work on my time management so that I can work on accumulating my research and building a clear plan for my practicum. I look forward to the Christmas break.I NEED A COMMENT FOR THIS DISCUSSION BOARD WITH AT LEAST 2 PARAGRAPHS.

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