Planning for Professional Development

In a two-part assignment, submitted in weeks 6 and 8, you will create a job portfolio that highlights your exemplary nursing career. In Week 6, you will focus on creating a cover letter and personal statement.Planning for Professional Development Part 1 due this week:Step 1 Create a cover letter for your portfolio.Imagine that you are interviewing for a nurse manager position in your institution. Write a cover letter, containing at least two-paragraphs, explaining why you want to be a nurse manager and why you are the best candidate for the position.Review how to prepare an effective cover letter  There are many online resources to help you.  You may findGCF Learn Free (Links to an external site.)particularly useful.  You may use one of the following templates for your cover letter or develop one of your own.- Cover letter 1- Cover letter 2Step 2 State your nursing beliefs.Some employers ask you to include a personal statement.  To complete this section, create a separate document with the following three main headings:Why I Became a NurseMy Nursing PhilosophyFor assistance in writing your philosophy, seeNursing Philosophy Examples (Links to an external site.)and refer to previous course work, particularly NUR300 Professional Issues in Nursing.My Vision for the Next Five to Ten YearsEach section should be at least one paragraph long.

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