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Hi Ann,

Thank you for selecting chlorpyrifos, marketed under the name of Lorsban. This is highly controversial:

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“…But in March 2017, the EPA’s new director tabled discussions of any ban, shocking environmental and patient advocacy groups, but relieving farmers who depend on chlorpyrifos to protect their crops. The Natural Resources Defense Council, among others, have petitioned a federal court to force a ban…” ( Trilling, 2017).

“…Dow Chemical markets chlorpyrifos under the name Lorsban and argues that the science is inconclusive…” ( Trilling, 2017). Many farmers indicate that this pesticide is necessary for their crop production.

Is it the exceptionally strong manufacturer’s lobbies like Dow Chemical? Or, is it a combination of farmers and lobbyists that prevent chlorpyrifos from being banned? How much more evidence is needed to stop the use of this substance?

Or, is this just “much ado about nothing?” Please discuss and be sure to supply the APA formatted source that informs your remarks.

Trilling, David, (2017, April 7). A controversial insecticide and its effect on brain development: Research and resources. Retrieved from:

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