Power Point Presentation:  EYE AND EAR DISORDER IN PEDIATRIC PATIENTTopics: PLEASE SELECT 3 DISEASES THAN INVOLE EYE AND EAR DISORDERSRequirements:-EXPLAIN IN 5 SLIDE EACH DISEASE WITH THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS1- Definition of EACH disease  YOU SELECTED2- Statics Incidents3- Mortality Rate4- Risk Factors5- Signs and symtpoms6- Diagnostic Test7- Treatment8- One mayor Diagnostic, 2 differential diagnosis with ICD 10.9- Patient and parents education Education-PLEASE NO PLAGIARISM – 5 SLIDES FOR EACH DISEASE WITH ALL THE REQUIREMENTS ABOVETOTAL: 15 SLIDES OF CONTENT, PLEASE DO IT CONDENSED.-3 TO 4 REFERENCES NO MORE THAN 5 YEARS OLD-PLEASE FOR OCTOBER 30, NO LATER.

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