Prompt 1

Please read the 3 short readings attached, then:


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After reading the posts in this unit, please complete the following task:

1. Create a post on your own blog and address one of the prompts below.

2. Make sure you do not simply restate the views of the authors of the readings, but try to write about how you would apply what you read about to your own context.

3. Include links to your peers posts (in either section) to comment on their ideas

My peer’s post:

4. Aim for 300-400 words in your post.

Post ideas
  1. What is one idea from the readings or videos that you disagree with, and why?
  2. What concept did you find difficult to understand? How did you approach learning the concept?
  3. Share a story about how you overcame a learning challenge. Why was it a challenge? What strategies did you use?  Use the language you learned in this unit.
  4. Share a story about your best learning experience (could be a formal course or something more personal). Why did you enjoy it?
  5. How would the learning be designed differently by a behaviorist, a cognitivist, and a constructivist? Scenario: A high school social study teacher is planning a class on climate change.
  6. Describe an example from your life of when you were taught using each method described in this article: behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism.
  7. Based on your reading, would you consider your current instruction style more behavioralist, cognitivist, or constructivist? Elaborate with your specific mindset and examples.

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