Personal Reflection ofApplications



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250-300 words

3 references min.
Check grammar and punctuation

Our assignment this week will look more like a personal, journal reflection.  It will incorporate your own connections, and applications to key terms, concepts, and ideas presented throughout the past 7 weeks (including material from our week 7 readings, lectures and videos). After choosing one topic listed below, please respond to the specific questions related to that topic in a 3 page, APA formatted essay.  Keep in mind that there is no “right or wrong” response, but you should clearly share your connections while incorporating scholarly resources to enhance your personal viewpoints, experiences, and overall points


·  SMART “gadgets”

Address the following, connecting to the topic chosen:

1.  Explain in detail why the topic chosen was important to you.

2.  How does this topic encompass your current and future applications of technological developments in your personal life?

3.  What challenges within this topic do you currently experience, or see as an obstacle in the future as continued changes take place?

4.  What benefits encompassing this topic are you thankful for within your personal life, and/or foresee as helpful in the future.

5.  Provide a brief plan sharing specific steps to overcome those obstacles, AND action steps you can implement in the future to ensure there is a balance between the utilization of technology and connection within humanity/society.

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