Urgent BIOL 101

The purpose of this assignment is to use prefixes, suffixes, word roots, and combining vowels tobuild and define terms of Anatomy, Anesthesia, Surgery, Microbiology and Infectious Diseaseand to interpret the meaning of those terms used in written and verbal communication.Play this week’s games to familiarize yourself with the prefixes, suffixes, and word roots relatedto this week’s topic.Imagine you are an official in a hospital or public health agency.Write a memo, at least 350 words in length, to a fictional colleague in which you use 5 wordsfrom the Summary Tables in this week’s chapters.Be sure to use the words in such a way that it is clear to the reader that you know the exactmeaning of each of the 5 words.These terms take five words and use them in the writing of the expression at least 350 words1. kindly i need 2 memo.2. check the attachment to see the table.3. Provide plagiarism certificate.4. Follow the instruction given in the attachment.

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