What are the different types of burns

What are the different types of burns?
Burns are categorized according to their severity; there are five types of burns
First-degree burns: First-degree burn involves red, dry and painful blanch on the epidermis. It heals in 1 week without scarring
Superficial or second degree burns: There is a blister formation and is very painful it includes the superficial dermis. It usually takes 10 to 14 days for healing
Deep second degree burn: it is less painful than superficial dermis, but it takes more time to heal
Third-degree burn: In this burn, you would observe a leather like texture due to destroyed collagen, and they do not heal spontaneously
Fourth-degree burn: It extends beyond the skin to fat, tendon, muscle or bone. In such cases, you need amputation or complex reconstruction GET A GENUINE 100 % CUSTOM TERM PAPER DO MY PAPER AND GUARANTEE 5 STARS QUALITY

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