What vocational nurses don’t do

What vocational nurses don’t do?

  • Vocational nurses may NOT do

  • Comprehensive assessments like complete medical analysis

  • May not make a medical or nursing diagnosis

  • May not assume responsibility for determining nursing interventions for specific patients

  • May not independently determine or initiate a course of treatment

  • May not perform endotracheal intubation

  • May not administer emergency medication intravenously or via endotracheal tube

  • May not apply casts

  • May not cut a window or bivalve a cast even upon the order of a physician

  • May not dispense medication

  • May not remove an occlusion by aspiration or other means

  • May not initiate or superimpose intravenous fluids into a peripheral site if the infusate contains medications GET YOUR QUALITY 100% CUSTOM RESEARCH PAPER TODAY  Best Schoolwork, Homework & Assignments tips 2021

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