write 2 clinical practice Exemplars using Patricia Benner’s Domains

Describe two (2) separate narratives of clinical situations containing any 3 Patricia Benners’s domains1. The helping role2. The teaching-coaching function3. The diagnostic and monitoring function4. Effectively management of rapidly changing situations5. Administering and monitoring therapeutic interventions and regimens6. Monitoring and ensuring the quality of health care practices- In each exemplar, demonstrate the ability to function in any 3 of the domains-Describe clinical situations that positively impacted your practice as a nurseExemplars should include information about any of the following. how you felt about the situation. why you felt that your actions were important. why the actions were important. why the actions may have been different from someone with less experienceDescribe the situation and how your actions resulted in a positive and rewarding experience for the patient, how you personally made a difference, and how you used fine discretionary judgment and/or intuitive use of knowledge-State the domains you are addressing at the beginning of each exemplar.

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