Writing a Proposal on Nursing Burnout

Deliverable 01 – Nursing BurnoutAssignment ContentCompetencyApply holistic philosophical, theoretical, and ethical principles to professional nursing practice.Student Success CriteriaView the grading rubric for this deliverable  see attached file Must be very detailedScenarioYou have been working as an RN at Rasmussen Hospital for nearly a year. The hospital’s leadership just shared some troubling news. Based on a recent employee health survey, findings show that burnout rates among nursing staff have been increasing.The hospital recently paid for you to attend a National Holistic Nursing Conference, where you participated in a session focused on nursing burnout. The presenter explained how implementing holistic nursing strategies into hospital-wide systems can help reduce rates of nursing burnout. You want to share your knowledge with hospital leadership, so you decide to write a proposal.InstructionsYour proposal should address the following:Describe national trends of nursing burnout. Support your description using statistics.Cite at least 1 credible, current, national statistic that highlights the rates of nursing burnout.Cite at least 1 credible, current, national statistic that highlights the costs of nursing burnout.Explain the common causes of nursing burnout. Support your explanation using credible sources.Include at least 1 intrinsic factor of nursing burnout.Include at least 1 extrinsic factor of nursing burnout.Evaluate evidence-based, holistic nursing strategies that could be implemented to address nursing burnout.Suggest at least 1 strategy that nurses at Rasmussen Hospital could incorporate into their daily practice to address nursing burnout.For each strategy you suggest, be sure to explain the related philosophical, theoretical, and ethical principles.

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