Adv Medical-Surgical Nursing

Hello, this is an Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing assignment. Below are the requirements and there are 3 Cardiovascular Disorders topics to develop, PLEASE CHOOSE ONLY ONE TOPIC.Health promotion is the act of empowering clients to take control and reach their optimal level of health. Using the topics listed below:Cardiovascular Disorders1. Hypertension. Medication Management (ACE Inhibitors, ARBs), Orthostatic Hypotension2. Risk Reduction of Cardiovascular disease. Weight management, Physical activity, Smoking cessation, Psychological stress, Genetic predisposition, Family history, Comorbidities (Diabetes, Hyperlipidemia)3. Heart Failure. Health Maintenance (fluid restriction, daily weight monitoring, when to call doctor regarding fluid retention), Medication      Management and Prevention of complications (Digoxin toxicity, Preventative antibiotics for dental procedures, Injury prevention during use of anticoagulants)

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