Evaluation And Management And Anesthesia Coding

Please answer all 20 questions correctly and get back to me within the next 3 hours1.   Modifier -P5 indicates that the patient2.   Code 99217 is assigned for3.   Code range 99218–99220 denotes4.   A physician performs an invasive surgical procedure. Prior to the start of the procedure, the anesthesiologist administers monitored anesthesia. Which modifier should be appended to the anesthesia code?5.   When more than one surgery is performed during one anesthesia administration, the coder should6.   Modifier -P3 indicates that the patient7.   ___ modifiers indicate the number of anesthesia cases being directed at one time.8.   A coder adds modifier -P2 to an anesthesia code. This modifier indicates the patient9.   The risk of morbidity or mortality would be considered as a part of10.   A patient who has not been seen by a physician or another physician in the same group within the last three years is a/an _______ patient.11.   The dollar rate of each anesthesia unit is called the _______ factor.12.   A patient who has been admitted to a hospital is a/an13.   A patient undergoes an esophagogastric tamponade with a balloon. How would this procedure be coded?14.   Codes in the range of 99224–99226 represent services for15.   Which of the following code ranges are add-on codes reported for prolonged physician services?16.   A patient who has been treated by a physician or another physician in the same group within the last three years is a/an _______ patient.17.   Modifier -QY indicates that18.   _______ circumstance codes are used in situations that increase the difficulty of administering anesthesia.19.   Other nursing facility services would be reported with code20.   A patient undergoes a pacemaker insertion. She is not expected to survive if she doesn’t have the operation. What code should be reported?

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