Nursing Satisfaction

Step 1 Read the scenario.You are one year into your first nurse manager position, and you have noticed that your staffing is way below average. Your turnover rate is 13%, and you have noticed that new RNs stay only about six to nine months after orientation. You are hearing complaints from staff about constantly orienting new RNs. You also hear patient complaints that staff members are not anticipating their needs. This is affecting your budget, staff morale, and patient outcomes. Additionally, a number of documentation and medication errors have occurred over the last three months, and these mistakes are contributing to poor patient outcomes.Step 2 Post your response to the discussion board.Discuss short- and long-term decisions to help alleviate problems on your unit. Respond to the following questions and, if it’s relevant, include your own personal experience:Discuss the concerns of this unit and any priorities that will need to be analyzed immediately.Explain your short-term (zero- to six-month) decisions and plan.Describe your long-term decisions and your rationale for making these decisions.

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