Population Health Interventions and Outcomes

Select a practice problem related to the below readings (whatever you want) . Read the related chapter.Bemker, M. A. & Ralyea, C. (2018). Population health and its integration into advanced nursing practice. DEStech Publications, Inc.Pediatric Issues (Chapter 7)Gerontology and the Aging American (Chapter 8)Military and Care for Veterans (Chapter 9)Chronic Disease (Chapter 10)Obesity – Opportunities Across the Continuum (Chapter 10)Population Health in Trauma and Mental Health (Chapter 12)Substance Use Disorders (Chapter 13)Infectious Diseases as a Population Health Issue (Chapter 14)Reflect on the above reading and address the following.1-Provide a brief statement introducing the selected practice problem.2-Identify the social determinant risk factors for the selected practice problem.3-Describe a related Healthy People 2020 Goal.4-Describe one evidence-based intervention to address the Healthy People 2020 goal.5-Define one measurable objective to address the Healthy People 2020 goal.-Use at least 3 sources apart from this mentioned above no later than 5 years.

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